For those group members who are willing to purchase the Titanikel product directly from us on Facebook, we are now open for it and many thanks to every one of you for supporting us. We will update news about us and our new products on Facebook from time to time, please inform your friends and follow us closely.

Titanikel group members are divided into 1. Blue card members 2. Silver card members

1. Blue card members

All members who join the Titanikel group are blue card members which can allow you to purchase directly at the membership prices when we launch products in the market without any fees.

2. Silver card members

To join as a silver card member is required to pay an annual fee of USD59 per year via our official Paypal account ( Then, a recommendation code will be given after paying the annual fee. When we launch the products, you can purchase at silver card membership prices, if other members enter your recommendation code to purchase the products, you can get in return for the recommended amount of the product, and this money will be eventually transferred to the silver card member via Paypal after the membership expiration date each year.

Advantages of joining as a Titanikel silver card member:

1. allow you to purchase our products at special discounted prices.
2. allow you to accumulate the reward amount of recommendation code.
3. Chances to obtain free test items